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AirBnB tax avoidance
A major issue for national politicians, is how AirBnB and the other short-term rental platforms have successfully used the international tax system to evade taxes. 

In France, for instance, AirBnB paid only on 92,944 euros in France in 2017. In the UK, they paid only 188,000 pounds. Both miniscule figures compared to their activity in these countries. 

Do any other hotel associations know the figure for their countries? I know that the data is not always public (in France we had to launch a fake lawsuit to get AirBnB's tax return), but it would be great if we could collate - in one central place - all the data. 

Given that there's a big push for taxes on digital platforms, we might be able to play a role in the discussion. 

Do any of you know how much AirBnB pays in your country?

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